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Paper & Poster Abstracts
  • Denitrification and Dissolved Organic Carbon under a Riparian Buffer.
  • Soil denitrification and microbial biomass under riparian pastures, forests and cropland in NE missouri.
  • Design and placement of a multi-species riparian buffer strip system
  • Grazing Management Systems to Minimize Phosphorus Losses from Upland Pastures.
  • Hydrogeological constraints on riparian buffers for reduction of diffuse pollution
  • Hydrogeology and Water Quality Beneath Multi-Species Riparian Buffers in the Bear Creek Watershed, Central Iowa.
  • Nutrient and sediment removal by switchgrass and cool-season grass filter strips in Central Iowa, USA
  • Fine root dynamics, coarse root biomass, root distribution, and soil respiration in a multispecies riparian buffer in Central Iowa, USA
  • Soil aggregation dynamics under riparian pastures, forests and croplands in NE Missouri.
  • Multispecies Riparian Buffers Trap Sediment and Nutrients during Rainfall Simulations
  • Assessing soil quality in a riparian buffer by testing organic matter fractions in central Iowa, USA
  • Agroforestry opportunities for the United States of America
  • Stream bank erosion along different land-use practices with an emphasis on different grazing practices.