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Roland Community Site
Story City Community Site

Bear Creek - EPA Showcase
Bear Creek - Leopold Center Pages
Bear Creek - Landowner/Farmer Cooperators
Research With Leopold Center
Riparian Buffer Systems in crop and rangelands
Pacific NW Pollution Prevention Research Center
Iowa Wetlands Bearcreek Showcase
Riparian Management Systems - Sustainable Horticulture lesson
Buffer Strips - Common Sense Conservaton
Course on Designing your Buffer Strip
National Handbook of Conservation Practices
National Agroforestry Center - USDA
USGS - Effectiveness of a constructed buffer strip in capturing N in the Midwestern agricultural landscape
Agriculture/Urban Riparian Habitat - 1990
Riparian Areas : Reservoirs of Diversity
Iowa NRCS Office
NRCS Photo Gallery

Warm-Season Grasses for Hay and Pasture
How Pasture Plants Grow
Switchgrass Seeding Recommendations for the Production of Biomass Fuel in Southern Iowa
Fencing Systems for CRP Land
Evaluating Resources and Setting Goals
Profitable Midwest No-Till Soybean Production
Publications, Brochures, and Fact Sheets - Northeast States
Article - Riparian forest revegetation for water quality improvement

Trees Forever

Pheasants Forever

Ducks Unlimited
Sustainable Farming Connection
The Colorado Riparian Association
Buffer Notes - National Association of Conservation Districts
Farm Bill Network
Water Quality Update - University of Idaho
Riparian forest buffer design, estabilshment, and maintenance - Maryland Cooperative Extension
Malheur Experiment Station - Oregon State University
Agroforestry - University of Missouri
Missouri Alternatives Center - links
Windbreaks, Shelterbelts & Agroforestry - University of Minnesota