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From humble beginnings...

The original interdiciplinary team made up of farmer/landowner cooperators, scientists from six Iowa State University Departments, USDA, ARS, NSTL, natural resource professionals from state and federal land management agencies and NGO's (1990).    

The goals of this team are:


1. Develop flexible riparian management systems that are acceptable to farmers/landowners and that embrace landscape sustainability and diversity.


2. Conduct on-farm research to understand the functions of riparian managment systems.

Administrative Team
dsDick Schultz                     tTom Isenhart                      bBill Simpkins

Research Investigators (Past and Present)

Mike Burkart National Soil Tilth Lab, USDA
Cynthia Cambardella National Soil Tilth Lab, USDA
Joe Colletti Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management
Bill Crumpton Department of Botany
Tom Isenhart Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management
Steve Jungst Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management
John Kovar National Soil Tilth Lab, USDA
Sally Logsdon National Soil Tilth Lab, USDA
Steve Mikelson Department of Ag and Biosystems Engineering
Tom Moorman National Soil Tilth Lab, USDA
Tim Parkin National Soil Tilth Lab, USDA
Miquel Pietrangeli Visiting Professor in Forestry from Venezuela
Wendy Powers Department of Animal Science
Jim Raich Department of Botany
Dave Rholf NRCS Engineer
Jim Russell Department of Animal Science
Dick Schultz Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management
Bill Simpkins Department of Geologic and Atmospheric Sciences
Jin-Kie Yeo Visiting scientist from South Korea
Research Associates Top

Leigh Ann Long

Sonya Krogh

Farmer / Owner Members Top
Ron and Sandy Risdal Lon and Sandy Strum
Colleen Larson Steve and Don Hanson
Larry Tesdal Loran Tjernagel
Leland Coburn Jim Cooper
Harold Albers  Jon Risdal
Steve and Dave Turnquist Alice Gjerde
Roger Christian Roger Swenson
Kermit Miskell Bob Jensen
Dave Anderson Ed Lorenzen
Everett Mortvedt Jerry Matheason
Graduate Students Top
Current graduate students Degree sought (Program of Study)
Jenny Abrahamson M.S. (Hydrogeology)
Mindy Buyck Ph.D. (Hydrogeology)
Dave Heer M.S. (Environmental Science)
Dong-Gill Kim Ph.D (Environmental Science)
Kris Knight M.S. (Environmental Science)
Keegan Kult M.S. (Environmental Science)
Lucy Macalister M.S. (Hydrogeology)
Sunshine McDonald M.S. (Forestry)
Jason Palmer M.S. (Environmental Science)
Mustafa Tufekciogolu Ph.D. (Water Resources)
Sara Venables M.S. (Environmental Science)
Ashley Wendt M.S. (Environmental Science)
Former graduate students Degree sought (year)
Rob Andress M.S. (1999)
Andrew Arends M.S. (2000)
Chris Ball M.S. (1995)
Luna Bharati M.S. (1996)
Matt Brewer M.S. (2002)
Greg Caron M.S. (1995)
Matt Christian M.S. (1992)
Matt Dornbush M.S. (2001)
Danelle Haake M.S. (2003)
Joe Herring M.S. (2005)
Jennifer Hunkins M.S. (2002)
Murial Jeanne M.S. (1997)
Amber Johnson M.S. (2003)
Diane Johnston M.S. (1999)
Rodney Jones M.S. (2002)
Aburgarshall D. Kai Ph.D. (xxxx)
Amy Avant Kuehl M.S. (1996)
Kye-Han Lee Ph.D. (1999)
Rick Maiers Ph.D. (2003)
Omaira C. Marquez Ph.D. (2001)
Jennifer Nelson M.S. (2003)
Parmachandra M.S. (1997)
Joyce Pickle M.S. (1999)
Bill Ryan M.S. (1994)
Beth Spear M.S. (1999)
Aydin Tufekcioglu Ph.D. (2000)
Trenton Twedt M.S. (1999)
David Webber M.S. (2000)
Tim Wineland M.S. (2002)
George Zaimes Ph.D. (2004)
Hong-ling Zhang M.S. (2002)
Undergraduate Employees
Major and Expected Graduation Year
Eric Kilburg Maquoketa, IA Animal Ecology (2011)
Jessica Reese Des Moines, IA Meteorology (2009)
Rebecca Burch Pella, IA Animal Ecology (2011)
Jess Lancial Des Moines, IA Animal Ecology (2008)
Nathan Unsworth Alexis, IL Animal Ecology (2007)


Tim Pick Hertz Farm Management, Nevada IA
Carol Balvanz Director, Iowa Cattleman's Association
Don Roseboom Illinois Water Survey, Peoria, IL
Del Christiansen Trees Forever, Marion, IA
Roger Hunt Trees Forever, Marion, IA
Brad Riphagen Trees Forever, Marion, IA
James Penney Heart of Iowa Cooperative, Roland, IA
Shannon Ramsey Trees Forever, Marion, IA
Dennis Schrodt NRCS, Nevada, IA
Dave Van Waus Pheasants Forever, Colo, IA
Roger Wolf Director, Raccoon River Watershed Project

Research Partners

Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture
USEPA/IDNR Sedtion 319 Nonpoint Source Management Program
USDA/USEPA Agriculture in Concert with the Environment Program
Pheasants Forever
USDA Forest Service/IDNR Sterwardship Incentive Program
USDA National Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program
USGS Water Resources Research Program
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Trees Forever
Iowa State University Extension
Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station
USDA ARS National Soil Tilth Laboratory
University of Missouri/USEPA
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Trees Forever, Iowa State University Extension, Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station, USDA ARS, National Soil Tilth Laboratory, University of Missouri/USEPA