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Stewards of our Streams : "Riparian Buffer Systems"Pm 1626a Iowa State University Extension (1996)


Stewards of our Streams : "Buffer Strip Design, Estabilshment, and Maintenance"Pm 1626b Iowa State University Extension (1997) - 520k

Vegetative filter strips for improved surface water quality Pm 1507 Iowa State University Extension (2000)
Frequently Asked Questions about Riparian Management Systems (2000)
Risdal Buffer Walking Tour (2001)
Stream Visual Assessment Protocol (SVAP) NRCS
Stewards of our Streams : "Maintenance of Riparian Buffers" Pm 1626c Iowa State University Extension (2002) - 4694k

Stewards of our Streams : "Assessing the need for a Riparian Buffer" Pm 1626d Iowa State University Extension (2002) - 1597k

Phosphorus in Agricultural Watersheds - A Literature Review by G.N. Zaimes & R.C. Schultz. Department of Forestry, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, January 2002. download zip file here 3.85 mb
Poster: Ten Things Learned from Bear Creek
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